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“With Pagesorter we have never printed magazine pages in the office again.”

Yana Mandeville, Beauty & Fashion editor, HealthyLivinG magazine, Beverly Hills, CA

Sort pages instantly. Just drag & drop!

A sleek intuitive UI makes it easy for anyone to organize pages quickly using pagesorter. Sort as pages or spreads. No training, no software downloads!

Pagesorter UI

It's so easy, your puppy could use it.

Yoda prefers to shuffle pages with her nose. It works even better than her paws.

Even puppies can use pagesorter

Created for professionals. Used by everyone.

Originally created for national magazines and publishing houses, pagesorter is used by anyone to sort, organize, put in order multiple pages instantly.

Use pagesorter on the beach

More than just pdf's. Sort images too.

Pagesorter may be meant for sorting pdf pages, but that doesn't mean you can't sort images! Upload jpeg's or png's, landscape or portrait, square or laying skyscrapers, try it now!

Pagesorter can even be used to arrange an album

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